Guest Lecture Series
organised  and conducted by AREA Ruhr

09 July 2019 | Prof. Dr. Detlef Nolte: Overlapping Regionalism and the Venezuelan Crisis (and the Role of China)

18 June 2019 | Prof. Dr. Martin de Jong: Urban and Infrastructure Development in China in an International Perspective

12 June 2019 | Prof. Dr. Jörn Dosch: Is Asia still Relevant for Theory Building in Social Sciences? The Developmental State, Soft Regionalism and other Concepts Revisited

28 May 2019 | Dr. Mark Pendleton: Gender, Sexuality and Historical Memory in Transnational Northeast Asia

09 December 2019 | Prof. Mark Mullins Ph.D.: Neonationalism, Japanese Religions, and the Politics of Restoration

Occasional Guest Lecture Series
conducted by In-East (University of Duisburg-Essen) and OAW (Ruhr University Bochum) in coorperation with AREA Ruhr