14 Oct 2022 | AREA Occasional Lecture Series | Shih Chih-yu

Prof. Dr. Shih Chih-yu (National Taiwan University, Taipeh)
Intellectual History of China and Chinese Studies: The Perspectives of Post-Chineseness

!HYBRID event!
14 October 2022 16.15-17.45 h

The seemingly distinctive notions of China, China scholars, and China scholarship constitute one another in practice.
This intellectual history project that stresses the encounter and choice of China scholarshas discovered individualized tracks of growth as well as the cultural and historical influences in China/Chinese studies, such as colonialism, religion, the major schools of thought (e.g., the Kyoto School, Neo-Confucianism, and Asianism) as well as significant past events (e.g., the Cultural Revolution, the end of the Cold War, and the rise of China). The methodological approach of the project is located in the field of anthropology of knowledge, and aims at nuanced, and critical self-reflections that would eventually contribute to a pluriversal awareness and de-colonial scholarship in both the Global South and North.

Twenty years later, post-Chineseness has emerged as a plausible, overarching theme for coordinating the studies of China and Chineseness everywhere. This theme yields two dimensions of self-/interrogations: one of inside/in-between/outside positioning vis-a-vis (imagined) China, and the other of referring to China upon subjective/objective resources. This talk will give a brief but multi-sited history of the project, engaging with the theme of post-Chineseness.

Short CV:
Prof. Shih, Chih-yu is a specialist on China studies, anthropology of knowledge, and international relations theory in the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University. Determined to recollect and re-present intellectual heritage in Asia, he has devoted his academic career for the past 30 years to researching, teaching, and writing on the cultural and political agency of human society. 

Shih’s publications consistently challenge the mainstream views on the law of human behavior and gather evidence of human agency from ethnic communities, developing countries, people in poverty, and so on. In his writings, Shih pays attention to the cultural meanings of civilizational components such as religion, language, ecology, and institution. He practices a multi-sited methodology reified primarily through field interviews, oral history, and archive research.

He coached intermural basketball (in the political science league) with 10 national champions under his belt and himself still a standing player in the evergreen league. 


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