12 May 2022 | AREA Occasional Lecture Series | Bulgan Erdenechuluun

Bulgan Erdenechuluun (IOA/Universität Bonn):
Market growth and barriers to entry in Mongolia: Perspectives from Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs

Mongolia is one of the emerging market economies which has been traditionally based on livestock and agriculture. Owing to its rich mineral deposits and other potential economic sectors, Mongolia has been successful in attracting numerous foreign investors in the last two decades. The purpose of this lecture is to provide a comprehensive introduction to Mongolian business and management practices, while taking into consideration the country’s political, economic, and socio-cultural factors. Additionally, it presents the advantages and disadvantages of the Mongolian market, outlining the market development potential as well as barriers to entry, from the perspective of Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs.

Short CV:
Bulgan Erdenechuluun studied Japanese, Chinese and Russian Studies as well as Business Administration at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU Munich) with a scholarship from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art. During this time, he spent time in Japan on an exchange at the University of Tokyo with a scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization, and in China on a research stay at Shanghai Jiaotong University with a scholarship from the LMU Munich. Since 2019, he works as a research associate at the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn for the master’s degree program “Economy and Society in Asia.”

Main areas of research: International Relations, International and Intercultural Management and Digital Transformation in Northeast Asia (main focus on Mongolia, PR China and Japan).

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Venue: Universität Duisburg-Essen, IN-EAS, SG building, Geibelstr. 41, room SG 183 on the first floor.


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