Team of Professors

East Asian Expertise

Our experienced team of professors cover a wide range of themes relating to East Asian studies. Click on the links to find out more:

Sebastian BersickInternational Political Economy of East Asia
Florian CoulmasJapanese Society and Sociolinguistics
Marion EggertKorean Studies (Language and Culture)
Jörn-Carsten GottwaldEast Asian Politics
Thomas HebererPolitics and Society in China
Axel KleinJapanese Politics / Modern East Asian Studies
Carmen MeinertCentral Asian Religions
Christine Moll-MurataChinese History
Hannes MoslerSocial Sciences of East Asia / Korea
Nele NoesseltChinese Politics
Sven OsterkampJapanese Language and Literature
Jörg PlassenEast Asian Religions
Felix SiegmundPremordern Korean Studies (Language and Culture)
Katja SchmidtpottJapanese History
Christian SchwermannChinese Language and Literature
Karen ShireComparative Sociology and Japanese Society
Markus TaubeEast Asian Economic Studies / China
Jens WronaNew Economic Geography and East Asia