AREA Ruhr Lecture Series, Summer 2017

AREA Ruhr will continue its lecture series with three talks in the summer term 2017, introducing research and researchers from IN-EAST and the Faculty of East Asian Studies. Talks will be held in German. All are welcome!

31 May 2017
Markus Taube: “Institutionelle Fundamente transregionaler Wirtschaftsbeziehungen – Zur Idiosynkrasie, Konvergenz und Transferabilität von Institutionen
location: RUB (Blue Square, 5th floor)
time: 16.30–18.00

14 June 2017
Elisabeth deBoer: “Riddles in Japanese dialect geography in an East Asian context”
location: IN-EAST (room: SG 183)
time: 16.30–18.00

28 June 2017
Sebastian Bersick: “Zwischen Integration und Desintegration: Normative Ordnung und institutioneller Wandel in Ostasien”
location: IN-EAST (room: SG 183)
time: 16.30–18.00

19 July 2017
Nele Noesselt: “Chinas neue Seidenstraße (OBOR): Alternatives Modell der postmodernen Globalisierung?”
location: RUB (Akafö house, room: 2.06)
time: 19.30–21.00