AREA Ruhr Working Papers Vol. 1 published

The AREA (Alliance for Research on East Asia) Ruhr Working Papers offer insights into ongoing and completed research projects on East Asia – from a variety of disciplinary approaches. It’s first volume was now published and is available for download via the CrossAsia E-Publishing repositorium.

Volume 1 (2024)

China’s Innovation Drive: A Review of the Systems of Innovation Literature

Hofmann, Karolin / Gottwald, Jörn-Carsten / Taube, Markus / Hofmann, Anja

DOI: 10.48796/20240619-000

China’s ability to stabilize and strengthen the systemic capacity of its innovation regime while achieving substantial tangible outcomes from its innovation efforts constitutes one of the most important parameters for the country’s future economic trajectory and its impact on global developments. Against this background, new political initiatives like the quest for technological self-reliance and President Xi Jinping’s distinctive leadership style are destined to reshape the country’s innovation landscape. The present contribution attempts to shed some light on these matters. Based on a review of Chinese- and English-language publications analyzing China from the perspective of the systems of innovation framework as well as related concepts, this paper endeavors to take stock of existing knowledge and lay the foundation for a better understanding of the driving and restraining forces behind innovation in China. It becomes apparent that while the systems of innovation framework has the potential to elucidate the intricacies of China’s innovation dynamics, it suffers from several shortcomings that are addressed here and for which potential solutions are discussed.