10–12 Mar 2021 | Virtual AREA/DGA Conference

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The CONFERENCE QUIZ was available from Wednesday, 10 March, 13:00 h to Friday, 12 March, 12:00 h (noon).

Welcome Address by the Co-Directors of the Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr
Prof. Dr. Markus Taube (Director, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Duisburg Essen) and

Prof. Dr. Christian Schwermann (Dean, Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr University Bochum)

Biennial DGA conference hosted by AREA Ruhr
Transnational Asian Studies Multi – Level Dynamics of Identity Formation and Institution Building

Poster Download (web version). Pelase contact Dirk Bremann if you need a printable version.

Panel titlePanel organiser(s)Region
001APopulismus in Ost- und Südostasien. Auf der Suche nach einem PhänomenAxel Klein (University Duisburg-Essen)Asia, South-East- Asia
002ATransnational Economies, Digital Labor and Globalization: Exploring Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Mobilities and ConnectionsBeatrice Zani (University Tuebingen; ENS Lyon)
& Yu-chin Tseng (University Tuebingen)
Asia, South-East- Asia, Europe, Africa
003APost-Imperium Identity Formation and Institution Building: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Central/Eastern Europe ComparedThomas Gold (University of California, Berkeley, USA)China, Taiwan Hongkong, Central/Eastern Europe
004ACivil Society in Identity-Formation and Institution-Building Processes in AsiaKamila Szczepanska (University Turku, Finland) & Anna Caspari (University Bochum), Anja Ketels (University Münster)Asia
005KDefenders of Empire in Late Nineteenth Century East Asia: Qing-Chosŏn (淸-朝鮮) Negotiated Sovereignty and De Facto ProtectorateCHUN, Jihoon (AREA Ruhr)East Asia, Qing, Chosŏn
006SATransnational (ecological) knowledge mobilities and -carriers in Southeast AsiaPatrick Keilbart (University Passau) & Friederike Trotier (University Passau)South-East-Asia
007JDie“Manzhouguo-Identität“ – Akteure, Institutionen und Diskurse zur Schaffung einer transnationalen Identität für die Bewohner des Staates Manzhouguo (1932-45)Anke Scherer (University Bochum)Japan, Asia
008JTransnational Migration and Contemporary Japan: Flows and RealitiesAimi Muranaka (University Duisburg-Essen)
& Huy Tran An (AREA Ruhr)
Japan, Asia
009ASustainable Urban Regions: Synthesizing Current Research Endeavours In East And South-East AsiaKatharina Borgmann (Hafencity University Hamburg)Asia, South-East-Asia
010AEast Asian Futures: Past and PresentChristine Moll-Murata (University Bochum)Asia, Europe
011AConvergence with and Divergence from Eurocentric Regional Institutional IntegrationJOE, UnHye (University Jena)
& Francis M. Cao (Frankfurt University)
Asia, Europe
012SATransnational religious connections across and beyond Southeast AsiaMirjam Lücking (Hebrew University Jerusalem & Southeast ASIA working group of the DGA)Asia, South-East-Asia
013SABeyond national borders – Citizenship and belonging in Southeast Asia in the 21st CenturyMirjam Le (University of Passau)
& Mandy Fox (University of Passau)
South-East- Asia
014AAsienwissenschaften in der Relevanzfalle? Wege zu größerer gesellschaftlicher WirksamkeitMarina Rudyak (University Heidelberg)
& Bertram Lang (Frankfurt University)
015ATransnational Mobility in East Asia and beyond and its Institutional ActorsKwon, Jaok (University Heidelberg)
& Momoyo Hüstebeck (University Duisburg Essen)
Asia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Germany, China
016AIndustrialization in Northeast Asia: A Long-Term Perspective, 1900 to NowChristine Moll-Murata (University Bochum)
& Flemming Christiansen (University Duisburg-Essen)
North East Asia, Central Asia
017AKlimawandel, Pandemie, Autoritarismus, De-Globalisierung und Reaktionsmöglichkeiten der RegionalstudienMarkus Taube (University Duisburg-Essen)Asia
018CCurrent developments (and challenges ahead) in the fields of Chinese political science (Roundtable)Nele Noesselt (University of Duisburg-
Essen/AREA Ruhr)
& Gregory Moore (University of Nottingham,
Ningbo, China)
East Asia, China
019NWGDGA Young Scholars GroupThe representatives of the Young Scholars Group of the German Association for Asian StudiesAsia