48th Conference of the “Arbeitskreis Japan-Bibliotheken”


09:15–09:30   Welcome Greetings

09:30–10:00   Tristan Pfeil (Geschichte Japans, RUB): The digital edition of the Kniffler letters

10:00–11:00   HASHIMOTO Yuta (National Museum of Japanese History): “Minna de honkoku” Project / AI Kuzushiji Recognition

11:00–12:00   KAMEDA Akihiro (National Museum of Japanese History): Building Integrated Search and Linked Data for Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources – Case study of Khirin and LAAP

Lunch Break

14:00–14:30   Prof. Dr. Regine Mathias, Prof. Dr. Erich Pauer (CEEJA): Presentation of the CEEJA library and the Edo Bunko collection

14:30–15:00   Prof. Dr. Sven Osterkamp (Sprache und Literatur Japans, RUB): Some Glimpses at the Sieboldiana Collection in Bochum: Highlights & Curiosities

15:00–15:30   Morgaine Setzer (Geschichte Japans, RUB): The “Bochumer Altjaponica” – a Collection of Early Modern Japanese Prints and Manuscripts at Ruhr University Bochum

15:30–16:00   General Discussion

16:00    End of the conference

Campus Ruhr University | UB (Library) 1/09

Friday | 13 March 2020 | 9.15–4.00 pm