18 Jun 2019 | Guest lecture by Prof. Martin de Jong

You are invited to a guest lecture by Prof. Martin de Jong (Delft University) onUrban and infrastructure Development in China in an International Perspective”.

In the past 10 years, Prof. Martin de Jong has conducted research on the promises and realities of sustainable urban development in China. In this presentation, he will pay particular attention to the planning and implementation of eco city projects, look at the intergovernmental relations in which they are embedded, examine to what extent they are part of a broader practice of city branding and under what conditions these eco city projects can be seen as greenwashing and when they lead to actual green urban and industrial transformation.

Date: 18 June 2019, Time: 2–4 pm s.t.
Location: room SG 183 (Campus Duisburg, Geibelstraße)

Please register with kerstin.lukner@uni-due.de.