Jihoon Chun

Dissertation project

“Cherishing the Small, Serving the Great” [字小事大] Collapsed upon “Public Law of All Nations” [萬國公法]: Ching-Chosŏn [淸-朝鮮] Transcendental Protectorate During 1882–1895”

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert, Prof. Dr. Flemming Christiansen

Research focus

  • Late-Nineteenth-century East Asian interpolity relations
  • Nineteenth-century international law and treaty-making practices
  • Translation of pre-modern legal notions of interpolity relations
  • Division and reunification of the Korean nation

Personal profile

Academic appointment

2018–Lecturer in Modern Korean Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Department of Korean Studies. (“North Korean Leadership and Juche Ideology in Their Own Terms” (KB-06 Undergraduate; EB VI Graduate), Winter Semester 2018/2019)
2014 Korea Foundation Junior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, History and Public Policy Program, North Korea International Documentation Project.
2012–2013 Graduate Student Research Assistant, Korea University, School of Law.
2012Student Editorial Board, Korea University Law Review.
2007–2008Tutor, Seoul National University, College English Program Writing Center.


2018–Doctoral Programme on Transnational Institution Building and Transnational Identities in East Asia at the Alliance for Research on East Asia (AREA) Ruhr, supported by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR). (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Flemming Christiansen, Prof. Dr. Marion Eggert)
2018–Doctoral Researcher, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Faculty of East Asian Studies, Department of Korean Studies.
2011–2014Master of Law, Korea University, Constitutional Law.
1999–2009B.A., Seoul National University, Economics.
2008–2009University of British Columbia, Department of Economics, Visiting Exchange Program.


09/2019–02/2020Field research at Tsinghwa University (including archival work at the First Historical Archives of China) and at Shanghai University.

Grants and honors

2018–2021 3-year Doctoral Stipends, Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR).
2018RUB Research School Teaching Assistantship, awarded as a ‘Lehrauftrag’ at RUB.
2012–2013School of Law Research Assistant Scholarships,Korea University.
2009ETS Scholarship Program for Korea, Educational Testing Service.
2008–2009Superior Academic Performance Scholarship, Seoul National University.
2008Sinyang Scholarship, Sinyang Cultural Foundation.
2007Korea Science and Engineering Foundation Scholarship, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation.
20021st Prize of the 02-3 Interpreter Training Program, ROK Army.


2011 News Team Reporter, Arirang TV.
2010Equipment Materials Purchasing Team Staff, LG Chem.
2004Research Assistant, Bain & Company Seoul.
2002–2004Administrative Clerk (Military service), ROK-US Combined Forces Command.


  • “Overcoming the clash of civilizations – of East and West – and (Korean) national reunification”(written in Korean), Minjok-gwa Tong-il [‘Nation and Reunification’] (Monthly publication of Minjok Foundation), Minjok Foundation, April 2018.
  • “System of Government for a Unified Korea: A Study on the Realization of a Collegial System of Government as of Switzerland” (Master of Law thesis, written in Korean) (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Kim Ha-yurl), Korea University, Department of Law, Dec. 2014. Download
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  • “‘Caring for the Small, Serving the Great’ [字小事大] Collapsed upon ‘Public Law of All Nations’ [萬國公法]: Qing-Chosŏn [淸-朝鮮] Protectorate During 1882-1895”, AREA Ruhr Preliminary Results Workshop, Sep 25, 2020.
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  • “Qing-Chosŏn (淸-朝鮮) relations during the period 1882–1895 as seen through the lens of ‘Public Law of All Nations’ (萬國公法) and the collapse of interpolity order of ‘Serving the Great’ (事大秩序)”, AREA Ruhr Proposal and Preliminary Results Workshop, May 17, 2019, Die Wolfsburg, Mülheim.
  • “Qing-Chosŏn (‘Corea’) and Meiji Japan Colliding Over Their Fates – Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895) in a Legal and Historical Perspective”, Mittagsforum, Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Nov 7, 2018.
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  • Association for Asian Studies
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde e.V.