17 Oct 2019 | 只有大海知道 (Long Time No Sea)

情節: 自小由祖母養大的馬那衛(鍾家駿 飾),盼望長期在台灣工作的爸爸有天能回到蘭嶼,陪伴他的成長。學校里新來的年輕老師遊仲勳(黃尚禾 飾),一心想爭取記功嘉獎、早日調回台灣。學校報名參加了在高雄舉辦的全國原住民舞蹈大賽,仲勳自告奮勇擔任指導老師,而馬那衛也想趁機到台灣看爸爸,大家都為了夢想奮力一戰。在集訓過程中,仲勳卻發現,孩子們對代表達悟文化的丁字褲顯然排斥,不願穿著它上台表演。為了讓孩子們能順利登台演出,仲勳嘗試去理解、鼓勵他們,從文化中找回驕傲與勇氣。當他們終於踏上台灣的土地,仲勳和馬那衛心中堅守的夢想,也因為這些日子的努力漸漸有了轉變.   Plot: Raised by his grandma, Ma Na Wei has lived a frugal life on Lanyu (Orchid Island). At the Tao tribe community’s elementary school, a newly qualified teacher, Yu Zhongxun, sees the tiny island as a backward and boring place. He desperately wants to get back to his former colorful […]

Special journal issue on “East Asia and the EU – Partners in Global Economic Governance”

Edited by Sebastian Bersick and Werner Pascha of AREA Ruhr Professors Sebastian Bersick (Bochum) and Werner Pascha (Duisburg) have recently edited a special issue of the East Asian Community Review, a journal of Palgrave Macmillan with Professor Key-young Son of Korea University, Seoul, as editor-in-chief, on “East Asia and the EU – Partners in Global […]

18 – 24 Sep 2019 | Synopsis Tokyo Workshop

Synopsis of Tokyo Workshop “Research Design and Practice in Transnational Asian Studies”by Marc Paschke Area Ruhr’s interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Research Design and Practice in Transnational Asian Studies’ took place from September 18th – 24th 2019 in Tokyo. It was organized in cooperation with the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo. The workshop […]

19 July 2019 – AREA Ruhr Workshop „System Competition in East Asia“

AREA Workshop „System Competition in East Asia“ Friday, 19 July 2019 Location: Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Mensa, Bistroebene, Room II Outline The workshop “System Competition in East Asia” will deal with competing political and institutional constellations, mainly from the 19th to the 21st century. Our group conceives of system competition as a process that takes place between […]

09 July 2019 – guest lecture by Prof. Detlef Nolte

You are invited to a guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Detlef Nolte (GIGA – German Institute of Global and AREA studies) on “Overlapping Regionalism and the Venezuelan crisis (and the role of China)”. The lecture discusses the possible risks and potential benefits of overlapping intergovernmental regional organizations. Specifically, it studies the consequences of overlapping mandates […]

AREA Ruhr workshop invitation

You are invited to an interactive AREA Ruhr workshop by Dafydd J. Fell, SOAS, London Department of Political and International Studies / Centre of Taiwan Studies   Part I | 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.Taiwan’s Political History 1945 – 2000 in Ten (Election) Advertisements Part II | 5:45 – 7:00 p.m.Taiwan’s Recent Political History in Ten […]