MA Transnational East Asian Studies

In AREA Ruhr’s MA Programme: Transnational East Asian Studies, Students will critically engage with questions of cultural, economic, political, and social perspectives on the processes that have shaped and continue to transform the East Asian region. Along these topics, the programme aims to deepen students’ knowledge of East Asia beyond national foci, integrating theories and methods from the social sciences and humanities.

AREA Ruhr now invites applications for the MA Transnational East Asian Studies programme begin in the Winter Term 2018/19.

BA and MA courses and classes at AREA Ruhr

Both the Faculty of East Asian Studies at Ruhr University Bochum and IN-EAST at University Duisburg-Essen offer a number of German or English-language BA and MA programmes, covering a wide range of regional and language specialisations as well as disciplines from the humanities and social sciences.

AREA Ruhr would also like to encourage our BA and MA students to make use of the classes offered by IN-EAST and the Faculty of East Asian Studies.