Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger

Director of the Institute for Social Movements, RUB

Chairman of the committee of the History of the Ruhr Foundation


Dr. Katharina Borgmann

Postdoctoral Researcher, IN-EAST

Current research project: Contextual Planning and Urban Design: The Impact of Global Agreements and Frameworks on Dynamics of the Chinese Urban Development 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Breuer

Dean of Studies, OAW

Field of study: Chinese Literature


Prof. Dr. Thomas Feldhoff

Professor of Human Geography, Department of Geography, RUB

Field of study: Geographic Energy, Resources and East Asia Studies

Dr. Martin Gehlmann

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Korean Studies, OAW

Field of study: East Asian Educational History, Institutional History in Premodern Korea, Confucianism and Education, Cultural Heritage in East Asia


Prof. Dr. Uta Hohn

Chair of Urban and Metropolitan Studies, Department of Geography, RUB

Coordinator of the Competence Field Metropolitan Research, UA Ruhr

Vice Rector for Planning and Structure


Dr. Momoyo Hüstebeck

Postdoctoral Researcher, IN-EAST

Current research project: Democratic Innovations in Japanese and German Comparison

Dr. Yukiyo Kasai

Postdoctoral Researcher, CERES, RUB

Current ERC project: BuddhistRoad


Dr. Bas van Leeuwen

Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University

Field of study: Economic and Social History


Dr. Beate Löffler

Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, TU Dortmund

Field of study: History and Theory of Architecture and the Built Environment


Dr. Robert Pauls

Former Managing Director of AREA Ruhr

Postdoctoral Researcher, International Relation, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Field of study: The Political Economy of Capitalist Development in China and East Asia


Prof. Dr. Jessica Pflüger

Faculty of Social Science, RUB

Junior Professor for Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences

Dr. Florian Pölking

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Korean Studies and East Asian Politics, OAW and Korean Studies, FU Berlin

Field of study: Histories of Knowledge and Science, Chosŏn Period and Modern Korea & South Korea’s foreign policy and international relations.


Dr. Giulia Romano

Postdoctoral Researcher, IN-EAST

Current research project: An Appropriation of Foreign Models of Governance and on the Introduction of Methods for Residents’ Participation in Urban Planning and Urban Renewal in Chinese Cities

Dr. Anke Scherer

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Japanese History, OAW

Field of study: Japanese Imperialism in East Asia, History of Manchuria in the first half of the 20th century, Management Culture in Japan, Cultural narratives

Dr. Helmut Schneider

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, IN-EAST and Faculty of Social Sciences

Field of study: Cultural/Regional Geography in East and Southeast Asia


Dr. Anna Shpakovskaya

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, IN-EAST and Faculty of Social Sciences

Current Research Project: New Political Representative Claims: A Global View (Brazil, China, India, France & Germany) (DFG)


Dr. Felix Siegmund

Former Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair for the History of China, OAW

Field of study: Pre-Modern Chinese and Korean Military History

Dr. Deirdre Sneep

Postdoctoral Researcher, IN-EAST (School of Advanced Studies)

Current Research Project: Building Tomorrow: The Construction of Olympic Venues and National Identity in the Prelude for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games


Dr. Kamila Szczepanska

Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair for East Asian Politics, OAW

Field of study: Civil Society in Japan


Dr. Kei Takata

Postdoctoral Fellow, GRK 1613 Risk and East Asia, IN-EAST

Field of study: The Intersection of Politics, Culture and Social Change with a Primary Regional Focus on Japan


Dr. Zi Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow, GRK 1613 Risk and East Asia, IN-EAST

Current Research Project: Language, Migration, and Happiness: A Comparative Study of Subjective Well-Being Across Asian Communities in Germany and Western Europe (DFG).


Dr. Dennis Würthner

Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair for Korean Studies, OAW

Field of study: Korean Literature


Prof. Dr. Sabrina Zajak

Institute for Social Movements, RUB

Junior Professor for Globalization Conflicts, Social Movements and Labour

Field of study: Political Sociology

DeZIM (German Center Integration and Migration Research) , Berlin

Head of Department: Conflict & Consensus


Prof. Dr. Dieter Ziegler

Faculty of History, Economic History, RUB


Professor Dr. Peter A. Windel

Chair of Procedural Law and Civil Law, RUB