Dissertation Project

„Transnational Migration as Sexual and Masculine Strategy: Male Vietnamese Migrants in Contemporary Japan“

Supervisors: Prof. Karen Shire Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Christine Moll-Murata

Academic Role

05 | 2020 – present

Deputy Convenor – Vietnamese Studies Research Snapshot Webinar Series

Conferences and Talks

5 February 2021

“Boundaries of Sexual Mobilities: Vietnamese Migrant Men in Contemporary Japan”. „On the Boundaries of Here and Now“ International Symposium. Ca‘ Foscari University, Online.

21 November 2020

“Liberal Japan and Oppressive Vietnam? The Circular Migration of Queer Vietnamese Migrants”. 14th Annual Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS), Online.

19 November 2020

„Transnational Positionality as a Toolkit in Researching Contemporary Asian Transnational Migration“. Facing Methodological Challenges in Asian Studies International Workshop. Zurich University, Online.

9 June 2020

“Towards a Transnational Sexual Field: Male Vietnamese Migrants in Contemporary Japan”, DIJ Lecture Series on Sexualities in East Asia. German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo.


  • Liu-Farrer, G. and Tran, A.H. (2019) Bridging the Institutional Gaps: International Education as a Migration Industry. International Migration, doi:10.1111/imig.12543

  • NHK Radio Japan Interview (8/2017) Vietnamese Student Migrants in Japan (Interview in Vietnamese)

Personal Profile

2016 – 2018 M.A. in International Relations
Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

Thesis Title: „Complex Dependency and Power Asymmetry: The Relationship between Vietnamese Education Brokers and Language Students in Japan“
2010 – 2014 B.A. in International Relations
Faculty of International Politics and Vietnamese Diplomacy, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Vietnam
12 | 2018 International Workshop: Intimacy, Sexuality and Family in the Process of Migration – European/Asian Experiences Compared, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Presentation: „Negotiating Sexuality – Negotiating Identity: Homosexual Migrants in Japan“
11 | 2018 Doctoral Training Workshop, Ca Foscari University, Italy

Presentation: „Negotiating Sexualities and Masculinities – Vietnamese Male Migrants in Contemporary Japan“
06 | 2017 ARI Migration Industry Conference: Facilitators and Brokerage in Asia, NUS, Singapore.

Presentation: „Brokered Education: The Migration Industry in Student Mobility“
2018 – 2021 AREA Ruhr Doctoral Stipend Award
2016 – 2018 MEXT Scholarship (Monbukagakusho) – Future Leader’s Program for Regional Governance and Cooperation in Asia

Research Interest

  • Transnational migration
  • Transnational sexualities and masculinities
  • Brokerage in migration
  • Student mobility
  • Ethnic culinary entrepreneurship